Ferry Boat to Civitaveccia, Train to Rome


I had grand plans to wake up bright and early to take pictures of the sunrise from the ferry.  Massive fail!  I was up too late and the cabin was so dark and quiet, it was like a little cocoon of heavenly sleep.  I got up around 8a, took a shower and headed out to find food.  I had intended to buy groceries before I left to avoid the expensive food on the ferry, but just didn't have the time in Barcelona.  So, I ended up paying the ridiculous prices on the boat.  Breakfast of a cafe con leche, pastry and a glass of juice was 4 Euros!

Later on, I ended up sitting with Carol and her husband (whose name I have forgotten) and hearing about their time abroad.  They have lived such a fascinating life.  We all had lunch in the cafeteria.  After lunch, I went back to the cabin for a nap.

The ferry was full of teenagers on school trips.  They were mostly on the lido deck, while the rest of the people on the ferry were in the lounge area watching tennis, futbol and MotoGP on the nice, large, flat screen TVs.

I ended up meeting a five-pack of Americans from the North Carolina area.  They were backpacking through Europe and headed to Rome too.  They were a lively bunch and I ended up taking the train to Rome with them.  

I arrived at Termini Station in Rome and said my goodbyes to the Americans.  I found the Metro, and using the directions to the hostel, figured I would be able to find it without any problems.  Well, it was dark and late in Rome, and the directions weren't all that great.  I found the bus I needed to take, but didn't realize they don't stop at every stop, so I missed my stop by A LOT.  I got off and was able to get good directions from a security guy at a wine festival.  I walked about 2km to the hostel.  I arrived at 11p, exhausted and slept very well that night.