Lisa and the Ferry Boat Ride


My sister, Lisa, is going to South Africa for World Cup and has a 12 hour layover in Barcelona today. I stayed probably three days longer than I wanted to so we could hang out today and I could get the stuff she was supposed to send me but didn't.

I went to the airport to get her.  This was to assure me that we would meet in the right place.  Her flight was on time but I guess customs was a bit of a problem.  It was close to 10a before she finally cleared customs, almost an hour after landing.  We checked her bags into the luggage locker and took off for Sitges.  I thought it would be fun to get out of town for a bit.

We got to Sitges just before 11a and I showed her around town.  There were a lot more people there because it was the weekend but it wasn't too bad.  We walked along the beach front for a bit.  Then we went in search of tapas.  We found a place and ordered an assortment of tapas.  They were delicious!

After tapas, we hopped on the train back to Barcelona and wandered around Plaza Catalunya for a bit.  I took her back to the airport early because I still had to get my things and go back to the pension to get my bags before I could head to the ferry terminal.

I made it to the ferry terminal with plenty of time to check in.  It was a bit of a walk from the pension, I thought about getting one of the bicycle taxis but they quoted me 10 Euros, which I felt was too much, so I just walked.  I checked in and realized the fun was really going to begin with the waiting.  We were told that at 8:30p there would be busses to take us to the ferry.  Yeah, right.  There were two busses for a few hundred of us, including several groups of teenagers with school groups.  The Spaniards and Italians really don't honor lines, so it was pretty much a free-for-all with people pushing their way onto the busses with their luggage.

I decided I was not in any hurry so I hung back and watched the chaos instead.  It was quite entertaining.  Luckily, I had decided to book a cabin for the night.  Traveling by myself, it just makes sense to have a safe, secure place to leave my stuff, as well as a nice place to sleep.  The ferry was scheduled to leave at 10:15p, but at the rate things were moving, I thought we would leave port later than that.

I befriended a group of Americans traveling  There were six of them, all of the husbands were retired military who had been stationed in Spain back in the 60's/70's.  They had been in Spain for a reunion and were heading to Rome and other points in Italy to see the sights.  We all decided to just wait until the crowds had thinned out a bit.  As I said to them, "I know where I'm sleeping tonight, so what's the rush!?"

Finally, we got on a bus and arrived at the ferry.  This ferry was unlike any ferry I have been on before!  It was more like a cruise ship.  I found my room, put my stuff away and set out to explore.  My room was on the 9th floor.  The 10th floor had a lounge, a cafeteria, a restaurant and several shops and a cafe.  The 11th floor was the top deck and it had a swimming pool, disco, and a bar.  The spa and fitness center were on the 8th floor.  Yeah, this was not like the ferries I have been on to get to Canada!

I decided to grab a snack in the bar on the lido deck and settled on a crepe with Nutella and strawberries.  I ran into Joyce and Bill, two of the Americans on the reunion tour.  We talked until almost 1a!  They were so nice.

I fell asleep to the gentle rocking of the ferry and the sounds of teenagers running amok in the hallway.