Indian Embassy and Trevi Fountain


Today was my first day in Rome and I had one mission to achieve: find the Indian Embassy and apply for my Indian Visa.  Anything else would be nice, but I had to get this done before I left Italy.

The Indian Embassy was relatively easy to find.  It's on one of the main streets and is close to two Metro stations.  I got an application and a number for waiting in line.  I filled out the application before I realized I didn't have enough Euros, so I left to find an ATM.  Even after I returned, I still had plenty of time before my number was called.  The process was pretty quick.  I had to give them my passport for the week, so I guess that means I have to stay out of trouble for the next week or so.  The woman told me it would be ready by next Monday, June 14th at 4:30p.  This means I have to stay in Rome longer, but that's okay.

On the way back to the hostel, I stopped at Trevi Fountain for a gelato.  It was so hot and humid!  I sat at the fountain for a bit, took some pictures, then wandered some more before heading back to the hostel for my afternoon siesta.

The hostel has a restaurant downstairs, with a basic European breakfast (bread, butter, jam, coffee, yogurt and cereal) for 1 Euro.  Dinner (1st and 2nd courses, bread, fruit) is 8 Euro and it is A LOT of food.  First course is a huge bowl of pasta followed by the second course of meat, and two sides of veggies.  The food is surprisingly good, but tonight I just had a small bowl of pasta washed down with a Coca Cola tall boy in a can.