Day #37: Melide to Arzua, 14.1km


Today was a short day of walking for no other reason than the next closest town with an Albergue was another 18km away.

It was another warm day with rolling hills through eucalyptus groves, lots of farms with chickens and cows.  Since it was a shorter day, I stopped more often for juice breaks and basically took it easy.  I've got a head cold in full swing that I am treating with Sudafed during the day and Benadryl at night.  I ran out of Emergen-C packets today.  So far, the antihistamines are keeping my runny nose in check and I am just more tired than usual, so an easy day was a nice treat.

I found a bed at Ultreia Albergue and fell in love with the place!  The hospitalera was so kind and welcoming.  It was clean, newer (just opened in 2008) and had a cafe in front with decent priced food and free wi-fi.

I took a shower, did laundry, then took a nap--my usual routine.  I updated the blog from the internet terminal in the basement.  I wandered around town, too.

I hung out in the cafe for the better part of the afternoon/early evening.  I had a glass of sidre (hard cider) and a dinner of a mixed salad plus an icecream sandwich for dessert.  I also had the pleasure of listening/watching Spanish music videos for three hours!  It was quite the education.

I was in bed by 10p, listening to the sounds of crickets outside before the symphony of snoring began.