Day #36: Portos to Melide, 20.4km


Another warm day of walking.  I got on the trail a little after 7a and made tracks for Palas de Rei, and hopefully breakfast.  I found a friendly bar and ordered a cafe con leche and a croissant.

The walk today was through more wooded areas with lots of trees, ferns, slugs and other things that remind me of home.  I've also noticed since entering Galicia, it is quite humid, just like home!

There were also lots of hills, which my feet and right knee are not happy about.  I stopped in Cornixa (I think) for lunch.  There were two bars at the beginning of town totally packed with peregrinos so I walked up the street a bit to a third bar on the right with no one in it and it had a covered seated area outside.  I ordered a cheese bocadilla, a tropical Bifruta juice (I really like these!) and a banana for a grand total of 4€.  So cheap and so good!

After lunch I continued along into Melide.  There was a nice climb into town that kicked my butt.  I had already decided against the Xunta Albergue because it was closed and the provisional one did not sound very promising.  I ended up at a place above a restaurant with a private room and shared bath for only 30€.  It was awesome!  I had a double-sized bed and no one else in the room.  Pure heaven.

After a shower and a nap, I went dow to the bar for dinner.  I had ensalata mixta with pizza plus a water and a Coca-cola.  For some reason, Coca-cola has been sounding so good on these hot days.  I got caught up with blog entries, then I went to bed.  I slept so good!