Strange Brew: Day 8-July 16, 2007

Seattle, WA to Portland, OR

This is going to be a short entry as it was our last day of travel. Lance wanted someone to ride back to Portland with, so I invited him to ride with us. We met up with him at Pike Street Market and headed south to Tacoma, eventually taking Hwy. 7 to Hwy. 12 and getting a little lost around Toledo, WA due to bad maps and inaccurate directions from GoogleMaps. We left Seattle at almost 10 a.m. but still managed to make it back to Portland by 5 p.m. or so. MJ and I headed to the Nest where Shayne was working. I had a celebratory shot of Jager, MJ had a shot of Cuervo Gold and Shayne had a nice sip of her water since she was on duty. It was good being home and the sense of accomplishment we all feel right now is pretty cool.

Even though I have ridden across the US, there is something about setting a goal to do a long ride, doing the ride, having no problems and everyone making it home safe and sound that makes you feel pretty damn good about yourself and your abilities as a rider. I am really proud of my two friends, MJ & Shayne. This was their first long distance ride and they ROCKED! They stuck with it and did an amazing job riding for really long periods of time. I hope we can do a trip like this again in the future. Thinking of riding to Chattanooga, TN next year to Amerivespa instead of doing the Cannonball again....we'll see....