Strange Brew: Day 7-July 15, 2007

Amerivespa: Seattle, WA

Today we had to get up kind of early so we could get down to the Krispy Kreme for the meet-up to ride to Vashon Island. We gassed up and made it to Krispy Kreme with just enough time to have a donut and get some coffee, which was too hot to drink so I ended throwing most of it out. The ride left around 10 a.m. We rode to the ferry terminal, 327 scooters or so, give or take a few! It was awesome! The Cretins MC and friends, served as our official "blockers" along the route. We went along the waterfront and people gawked, waved, honked, yelled, you name it, as we rolled on by.

We sat at the ferry terminal for a while. The group was split in half, so the first group had already gone over, then we had to wait our turn. Once we got in the queue, this girl on the loudspeaker called us all mopeds, to which we promptly created a huge fuss and she then called us Vespas from that point forward. It was pretty funny!

We all loaded onto the ferry for the short ride to Vashon Island, then once we arrived, we rode around the island to the Vashon Eagles Lodge for an amazing BBQ with freshly roasted pig, potato salad, rolls, and baked beans. This was also the location of the raffle. Unfortunately, I did not win a scooter. I was kind of bummed about this, but I did win a really cool SX canvas topcase, a new Leatherman Wave, a couple of posters, a Haynes Manual, and a few other goodies. Not too bad for buying about $50 worth of raffle tickets. Bobo, MJ and Shayne didn't win anything, but I made sure to share some of my loot.

Shayne left with another Portland rider because she had to work the next day, so we said our goodbyes and hung around for a bit while the crowd thinned out. MJ, Bobo, Lance and I all decided to go grab a quick bite before we headed back to Seattle. We stopped at a bar and had some snacks and a drink. We headed back to the ferry terminal and got there just in time to load up. Once on the mainland again, we stopped for gas and said our goodbyes to Bobo. He was heading for Portland, too, but he was hopping the I-5 to get there.

MJ and I headed back to Queen Anne and stopped by Trader Joe's to get Ivan and his roommates a gift basket of snacks in appreciation for letting us stay there. I crashed on the couch around 11 p.m. and didn't get up again until the next morning. I was beat from all the riding and the heat.