The Big Blog Exchange

Hey all!  I'm not one to participate in online contests usually but this one seems a little bit different.  It's called The Big Blog Exchange.  The premise is pretty simple.  There will be 16 bloggers chosen to live for 10 days in another part of the world.  They will guest blog on a local bloggers website during the time they are there.  My favorite piece is getting to stay somewhere for 10 days to experience what it's like to be a local. 

Some of you might know I like slow travel.  I prefer to spend more than a few days in each location when I travel...usually a week or two, sometimes more if I can.  This allows me to immerse myself in a place.  I get to know my neighbors if I am renting an apartment.  I find a favorite coffee shop or lunch stop.  I get to know the people who run these businesses.  I learn how to use public transportation to get to/from my "home" for the week.  It's nice to get into a rhythm for a bit when you are a traveler.

I would appreciate votes (and on the heart to do that!) so that I can make it to the top 100.  My page for voting is here:

Thanks so much!