Today seemed like a good day to go to Sitges.  It's a 30 minute train ride from Barcelona and only 3 Euro each way.  I left around 10:45a and the train drops you off right in town.  I hadn't had breakfast before I left, so I found a cafe and had a cafe con leche with tostadas (toast).  The cafe totally reminded me of Portland.

I spent a few hours wandering around town.  There was a church, so I went there to check it out first.  Not much to see since it was closed except for a small prayer chapel.  I walked along the beachfront and up and down many of the streets.  I was looking for a woman-owned cafe I had read about, but both times I walked by it was closed.  I was kind of bummed.

I did find a pizza place with a great special of the day.  2 slices of pizza, a soda (or beer or water), and a cafe con leche for 4,95 Euro!  By the time I finished lunch, siesta time had begun and many of the shops had closed for the afternoon.  I decided to head back to Barcelona for my own siesta.

After naptime, I went to check my email and started chatting up other people in the room.  There were two girls from Mesa, Arizona and a guy from Texas.  They were all very nice and it's always fun to have people to talk to in English.

Since it was getting close to dinner time, I decided to go find a girl bar nearby called Can Fly.  I found it, but was so intrigued by the area (Barrio Gotic) that I decided to walk around a bit, exploring.  I have found in this particular area, that when you walk off the main streets into the side streets, that's where all the locals are hanging out.  This area also reminded me very much of Portland.  Lots of artist lofts and galleries.  I found a DIY store selling recycled items that had been re-purposed into new items.  There was also some cool graffiti and posters everywhere.  I stopped at one art gallery and met a guy from California who has been living in Barcelona for the last eight years.

I finally made it back to Can Fly for tapas.  I had a glass of sangria with olives, hummus/pita and a bread/cheese plate.  The food was great and inexpensive.  It was a tiny bar, but I really liked the ambience.