Chocolate Museum


I'm low on Euros dues to my sister's work schedule and the holiday, so I kept today simple and cheap!

Chocolate Museum.  Need I say more?  If you've been following my story at all, you know I also went to the Chocolate Museum in Astorga when I was on the Camino.  The Chocolate Museum in Barcelona was nice.  I really liked that my admission ticket was a chocolate bar.

I spent an hour or so going through the exchibits.  It was very well done and was significantly larger than the museum in Astorga.  One of my favorite parts were the dioramas made out of chocolate.  They featured scenes from history, pop culture and art, completely sculpted out of chocolate.  Afterwards, I treated myself to a small cup of chocolate.  It was divine!

I forgot my metro pass today, so my plans went out the window a bit.  I walked over to the Arc d'Triomph, which was nearby.  I snapped some pictures.  There was also a group of men playing bocce who I watched for a bit.  I started walking towards Harry Scooters, a scooter shop I had heard about, but then I realized I wouldn't make it in time before they closed for the afternoon, so I turned around and headed towards Las Ramblas to buy groceries.  Food in Spain is cheap compared to back home and for less than 10 Euros, I can get a lot of good food and eat for several days.  For instance, on this shopping trip, I spent 8 Euros and got the following: 3 oranges, 4 bananas, a box of muesli bars, a liter of fruit juice, a four pack of yogurt, a baguette and a meat/cheese tray.

I went back to the pension and made a late lunch from my groceries.  I took a siesta and stayed in for the night.