I woke up at 6a this morning and called Fa around 6:40a to remind him and be sure he was up.  He picked me up shortly after 7a, and I was kind of getting worried about my flight.  It was scheduled to leave at 8:55a and I wasn't sure about how long it was going to take to check in and go through security.  Fa told me not to worry, so I took his advice.  He was right.  It was so easy!

I went to the Vueling counter and checked in for my flight.  It was very easy and quite fast, as there weren't a lot of people in line.  I found the security line and had already emptied my pockets, took of my belt and was getting ready to take my shoes off, but they don't do that here in Spain.  They also didn't ask to have my computer out of the bag, either.  Weird.  I'm not complaining, though!

My flight was running late.  We left late and arrived in Barcelona about 45 minutes late.  I wasn't in any big hurry to get anywhere so it was no big deal, really.  I got my bag, then found the tourism desk and got in line.  I was able to get a map and some other tourist information for Barcelona, then went in search of a public phone.  I found one and called the hostel to see if they still had space and they did!  I found the RENFE train to take me to the city center of Barcelona where I was going to transfer to the Metro.  I bought my ticket and went to wait.  And wait.  And wait some more.  I, along with probably a few hundred other people, waited for almost an hour for the train to arrive!

Once we were packed in like sardines, the fun began.  I met a guy from Cleveland and we started chatting a bit.  He gave me some advice on pickpockets in Barcelona.  As we were chatting, this woman who I gave the nickname, "The Italian Princess" began to push her way through the train, trying to get past me.  She had already barged her way onto the train earlier and scored no points with the rest of us.  I watched her like a hawk and I watched my bags too.  She was up to no good, I am sure of it.  There was also a guy playing the accordion on the train who also attempted to walk through the crowd to beg for money.  It was crazy!

I finally made it to my stop, got off and found the metro I was supposed to take.  I got on and took it to the right stop.  The hostel was up a nice hill.  I checked in and paid for two nights and went ahead and got an HI membership too.  I never know when I am going to stay at an HI hostel and it saves me money in the end.

I got a shower and a nap in.  I also wandered around the neighborhood and bought some provisions at the grocery store.  We don't have a kitchen to use, but the next place I am staying at does.  I hope to save some money by cooking.

I basically just chilled out for the afternoon and evening.  Tomorrow's plan is Parc Guell and go find an H&M at Plaza Catalunya.  Sunday, I will be moving locations and Monday will be my first full day of sightseeing.