Finisterra, Spain aka The End of the World!


Yesterday, I booked a day trip to Finisterra through the Albergue.  It cost just a little more than if I would have taken the bus, but it was direct and had more time to see everything.  We had two hours at Faro, the lighthouse, and five hours in Finisterra.  It was more than enough time to see everything, snap a few pictures and have some time to reflect on the journey.

The lighthouse is at the western-most point in Spain, and at one time, was considered to be the end of the earth, hence the name....Fin is terra.  There are several monuments around the lighthouse.  I also found several spots where peregrinos have burned clothing on arrival in Finisterra, a ritual still in practice today.  It has a wonderful view of the ocean, and even though it was a little bit cloudy, the sun did poke through a few times.

I grabbed a cafe con leched and a bocadillo, then I found a nice rock to sit on and look out at the water.  It was a nice time to reflect on the journey and all that I have seen and done in the past several weeks.

Our driver was right one time and took us down the hill to Finisterra.  I wandered around for quite a while checking out some of the sights I knew about.  The sun came out for a bit.  I found a bar to hang out in and had some sodas and a slice of homemade chocolate cake.

All in all, it was a very relaxing day.  I am glad I was able to get out of Santiago for a bit.  After I returned, I met up with Fa, a scooterboy I met through  We had coffee and hung out for a while.

I was up late packing for my flight to Barcelona the next day.  Fa was kind enough to offer me a ride to the airport which saves me some trouble.