Day #34:Barbadelos to Portomarín, 18.6km


Today was the day I messed up with my math when plotting the rest of the Camino from Astorga.  I had originally planned to go to Gonzar, about 8.2km past Portomarín, until I realized it would be a 26.8km day, with most of it going uphill.  I decided to see how the day went and how my feet were feeling before deciding for sure where I was staying.

I had a quick breakfast at the "food cart" in Barbadelo, then I stopped in Morgade for Breakfast #2 of cafe con leche and bizcocho (sponge cake).  It was a great bar/albergue.  Very friendly staff, good prices and a diverse menu.

I met more Canadians from Vancouver, BC and I also ran into Agatha again!  I just adore her.  She is such a free spirit and I love running into her in the most random places on the Camino.  We got all caught up again and I'm sure we will see each other again, perhaps in Santiago.

I took off again and met Sean, a pastor from Vancouver, BC, two seminarians from NY and NH, and Andree, a woman from Montreal by way of Edmonton.  We walked into Portomarín together and I decided to stay there for the night.

We checked into the Xunta Albergue, got settled (I scored a bottom bunk!) and decided to postpone showers until after lunch.  I was famished and we found a place that had pizza.  I love hanging out with Canadians.  Andree was a lot of fun and we had some great conversation.  I hope to see her again.

After pizza, I went back to the Albergue to take a shower.  This place was so nice they didn't have shower curtains.  One less thing to clean, I suppose.  After my shower, I took a nap before heading out to find food and internet.  I went to the grocery store to buy yogurt and granola bars.  I found an internet cafe to check in with the family and do a blog update.

Since I had the pizza earlier, I didn't have a big dinner, instead I just snacked on some food I had.  I had a glass of wine with Sean and Andree.  I also consumed a large amount of juice, water, and Emergen-C.  I think I am getting sick.  I have had the whole scratchy throat, feeling fatigued thing going on for the past day.  Boo!

I went to bed with the intention of waking up early and hitting the trail by 7a to beat the heat.