Day #33: Samos to Barbadelo, 17.6km


The morning started with fog, which burned off by the time I got to Aguiada, 8.2km from Samos.  The trail today was confusing because there are local trails that go to the same places but are longer or take you out of the way.  There were also quite a few small villages NOT on my map or in the book, which added to the confusion.

I made good time to Sarria and stopped at the tourist information office and got some good info about the last 100km of the Camino.  The guy I spoke with was from Ireland, so I spent a bit of time there before continuing on.  I stopped at a shop for peregrinos and found some new insoles made of memory foam and some wildnerness soap to do my laundry.

Sarria was teeming with peregrinos so I stuck to my plan to go to Barbadelo, 4.3km past Sarria.  It was mostly uphill, but it was through a beautiful wooded area, so I enjoyed it quite a bit.

The Xunta Albergue had space, so I checked in there.  I took a shower, did laundry, took a nap and had a bocadilla con queso and a Coca-cola (my first in months) from the "food cart" on the hill behind the Albergue.

I had dinner at the Albergue up the hill.  I ate with a Spanish guy who spoke no English, so it was a quiet meal.  :)  The place didn't open until after 8p and dinner didn't get served until almost 9p!!  That is just too late to eat.  I had water, bread, ensalata mixta and albondigos (meatballs in a red sauce with french fries) and tarta de queso (aka cheesecake) for dessert.  It was all very good and I made it back to the Albergue just before they closed at 10p!