Day 15: Burgos (Rest Day)

Today looked rather ominous outside.  It was cold and threatening to rain.  It rained last night and a little bit as the peregrinos were heading out the door around 7a.  I got a solid night of sleep with minimal snoring around me.  Ear plugs are a wonderful thing!

Since I was not meeting my couchsurfing host, Noe, until 6p, I asked the hospitalero if I could leave my bag at the Albergue.  He showed me where I could stow it until later.

I had eaten some yogurt, bread with jam, and an orange for breakfast at the Albergue.  In the search for a warm place to sit for a bit, I found a bar open and ordered a cafe con leche.  Eventually, I made my way back to the Cathedral.  They opened at 9:30a and I was really looking forward to going inside.

The Burgos Cathedral is a World Heritage Site.  It is HUGE and OLD!!!  I spent about two hours in there, wandering around and trying to avoid a large group of German tourists with a guide.  It's kind of overwhelming and a bit too much.  After I did the "tourist" part of the Cathedral, I went to the part where Mass is celebrated and there is a prayer chapel too.  I sat there for about twenty minutes and had some nice quiet prayer time.  It was really nice to do that.

After my time in the Cathedral, I went back to the Albergue to retrieve my backpack.  I met a man from South Korea waiting for the Albergue to open too.  We had a great conversation about why there are so many Koreans doing the Camino.  Two years ago there was a show on TV about the Camino and there is also the "word of mouth" factor, too.

I retrieved my backpack and went to a restaurant for lunch.  I had a combo plate with two fried eggs, bread, salad, a pork chop, and yes, french fries.  I was going to do the Chu Chu Train tour but missed it, so I walked around, seeing what was open for the May Day holiday.

As I was walking, the May Day protest rolled right by me!  I felt like I was at home in Portland!  I snapped some pictures and followed the march to the Plaza Mayor.  They were a pretty peaceful group with speakers and whatnot.

Eventually I got bored with that, so I went back to wait for the Chu Chu Train tour to leave.  For 4€, they take you on a 45 minute tour of Burgos.  I met a woman from Texas who lives in Mexico but was in Spain for two months teaching English.  She was very nice and adamant  that not everyone in Texas likes GW Bush!  I had to laugh because I was not the one who brought it up, she did!

After the train tour, I had two hours to kill before meeting Noe and Roberto, so I went to the park and made myself a snack from all the food I had in my backpack.

At 6p, Noe and Roberto met me in front of the Teatro Principal and we walked back to their apartment.  Noe and Roberto were lovely hosts!  Noe made me dinner, let me use the internet and basically chill out.  It was such a nice break from the Albergues.  Noe and I chatted about the Camino.  She had just finished it the week before, walking from Burgos.

Noe had another couchsurfer to meet at the bus station, but I was tired, so I went to bed!