Day 14: Tosantos to Burgos, No Walking-Took the Bus

Today it looked like rain (it rained with thunder/lightning last night) and there were five of us not interested in walking.  My feet were killing me, so the five of us (the couple from Winnipeg and two Germans) decided to take the bus to Burgos.  It was only 2.55€.  We were told the bus would pick us up from across the street from the Albergue at 9:30a, and the Spanish busses are famous for being on time.  Well, not today.  It was close to 10a before the bus arrived.

I think it was about 40km to Burgos by bus and we arrived around 11a.  I'm really glad we took the bus.  The walk into Burgos is 13km of industrial buildings.  I had picked up a map of Burgos in Belorado, so I became the navigator for myself and the two Germans.  The Albergue was right behind the Cathedral, so we walked in that direction.  We found it and they were scheduled to open at Noon.  I sat with Charlotte, the German girl I had been talking with in Tosantos.  We had a great conversation while waiting.

Once we got settled into the hostel, which by the way, is AWESOME, I took a nap.  I didn't feel like I needed a shower yet since I hadn't really done anything!  After the nap, I set out to run errands.  I needed food for the next day or so, tape/gauze for my feet, and was hoping to find a rain cover for my backpack.  I found a grocery store and a panaderia.  It's hard to shop sometimes but I am developing a routine when I shop.  Fresh fruit (apples, bananas, oranges), yogurt, ham, cheese, bread, juice and something sweet like cookies or chocolate or some nuts.  Everything else spoils too quickly.  I'm trying to eat healthy, too.

By the time I went out to run errands most places were closed for the afternoon siesta.  I headed back to the Albergue and decided to splurge on a wash/dry of my clothes.  After laundry, I went out again and had better luck finding things open.  I got another roll of tape for my feet, and a box of gauze for the blisters.  The sports store didn't have a cover for my pack, so I headed back to the Albergue to see if Charlotte wanted to try out the chocolateria next to the Albergue.  It had been recommended by a couchsurfer I had contacted in Burgos.  She was not there, so I went over and had hot chocolate and churros.  It was so delicious!  Who needs dinner when you have chocolate?  You dip the churros in the chocolate, then eat the rest of it with a spoon because it is so thick.

After dessert, I went back to the Albergue and was in bed by 9:30p, exhausted from lack of sleep the night before!