Day #11: Azofra to Santo Domingo de Calzada, 15.2km


Today I left the Albergue around 7:30a, went to the Bar Seville for a croissant and fresh squeezed OJ.  I met up with my friends from Korea and South Africa.  My plan was to take the alternate route to visit a Cistercian monastery of nuns but I missed the turn.  I was supposed to go left and follow the local road, but instead I followed the Camino.  Oops!  I made good time to Cirueña, which was 9.3km away.  I took a short break atop the hill, right before a rather large golf course.  It was very nice, with a water fountain, places to sit and garbage cans, a rarity on the Camino.

After the short break, I continued to Cirueña.  This is another place where the guidebook failed.  As you enter Cirueña (or so I thought), there is a golf course to the left (south) and then you walk through a lot of brand new construction, mostly new houses, apartments, and townhouses.  It wasn't until about a kilometer or so later that I realized I hadn't entered Cirueña proper, but instead had walked through a golf course community.  I was looking for Bar Jacobeo, which was supposed to be right as you enter town.  I finally found it about 150m up the road.  I sat with a Belgian man and a Dutch man I had met before in Azofra.  We had cafe con leches.  I took advantage of the free wi-fi hotspot with a 30 minute break before heading to Santo Domingo de Calzada.

I made good time and arrived at 1:30p to a warm welcome from a Dutch hospitalera and two Canadian hospitaleros.  The Canadian couple were from Victoria, BC, one of my favorite places in Canada.  They were wonderful to talk to and I was very appreciative of their hospìtality.  I took a shower, did some laundry, and set out to find a pharmacy, grocery store and check out the area.

The area the Albergue is located is a historical district and there are lots of cool places to see.  I found a store selling religious items and bought a new rosary.  I thought I had brought mine, but I guess I didn't.  I went to the Cathedral and paid 2.50€ to see the inside, along with the museum.  It was really neat inside.  Santo Domingo de Calzeda's tomb is in the church.  Aside from St. Peter's in Rome, I think that is the only other time I have seen a saint's tomb.  It was cool!

Before I forget, this Albergue I am staying in is like a five star hotel compared to some of the places I have stayed in so far.  The facilities are newer and in great condition.  The best part is their internet is 1€ for an HOUR!!! 

So, back to finding a pharmacy and the neverending quest to find tape for my feet.  I've self-diagnosed myself with a mild case of plantar fasciitis in my left foot and on the recommendation of my nurse friend, Rhanda, need to tape my foot in a specific way to support the arch in my foot.  I've had trouble explaining what I need in the past few days, and not all the pharmacies have the same stuff, so it's been a challenge.  Luckily, I befriended a Spanish girl, Agatha, who offered to help me.  We went to the pharmacy and found tape I think will work.  I will try it tomorrow and see if it works.

Agatha and I went back to the Albergue and I decided to make some bocadillas (sandwiches) for dinner instead of eating out.  We went to the courtyard, sat down and ate.  The Canadian hospitalera brought me some leftover pasta she had made.  It was delicious!  Agatha and I split it and it was a great meal.