5.29.09 Christine Havrilla House Concert

Some of you may or may not know this about me, but I have musicians come play at my house on occasion. I've blogged about past shows here. This last Friday, I had the pleasure of having Christine Havrilla play in my living room. It was AMAZING!!! We had about 25 people in my living room listening to her play two short sets of music. I've included some photos here. Some of them are not quite in focus, but I think they capture the energy of the crowd. My favorite moments from the night include:

*People fighting over who was going to take the chair on my sidewalk home! :)

*The whole lot of us forgetting the lyrics to "Time After Time"!!!

*Christine stopping halfway through a song because it was more interesting to watch three of us try to get beer out of the mini-keg in the kitchen.

*Everyone hanging out before and after the show.

Thanks to everyone for coming!!!!

Christine's sister stealing her track jacket!

Christine & I

Group Photo!!

Gina & I