Road Trip, Day 3 & 4, Missoula to Spokane

I'm a little late on this last post of the trip. Sorry about that. Got home and have been working and whatnot since then. Here's the final bit about the four day trip I took to see Brandi Carlile on tour.

So for Day 3 of the trip, I spent an extra day in Missoula, MT hanging out with bcfan. Unfortunately, both of us were not feeling well, so we met for breakfast, walked around downtown Missoula for a bit, then split up for the afternoon. I took a nap and got some quality internet time in at a cafe near the cottage I was staying at. We met back up in the late afternoon to go check out a record store and see more of the "Hip Strip" on the other side of the Higgins Street Bridge. I ended up saying my goodbyes to bcfan, and heading back to the cottage, where I hung out with Sharon for the evening, watching a movie. It was a nice laid back evening, which I really needed. I felt so much better in the morning when I got up.

Day 4, I woke up and got all my stuff packed into my truck. I made my way to The University of Montana bookstore to get a new UM sweatshirt. I found a nice hoodie and got myself on I-90, with the intention of stopping at Cracker Barrel just off Reserve Street. I have been hearing my East Coast friends talk on and on about this place and when bcfan told me there was one in Missoula, I had to check it out. I was not disappointed! I was the youngest person in the place by 30 years. It was awesome! They were playing old, old country music for the background music. The food was delicious and cheap. I had grits, biscuit/gravy, bacon, eggs, and hashbrown casserole for less than $6!!

I finally made my way back onto the road and drove to Spokane for the next show at the Fox Theater with the Spokane Symphony Orchestra. I have driven through Spokane countless times on my way to/from Missoula, but have never been there before. I found the area where the theater was located without difficulty and found a parking garage to park my truck. It was super cheap and close to the venue. I decided to wander around for a bit and found an art gallery with a chatty owner who gave me some ideas of things to do. I decided to head back to the truck to get my laptop and go find a cafe with wifi. On my way back to my truck, I run into Sunny and Em, friends from the forum. They were looking for a place to drop of their luggage so I offered my truck. They had a previous meet-up with people so I went to a cafe, had some more coffee and got caught up on a few things.

The plan was to meet up at a place in the mall, called the Sawtooth Grill, for dinner. We all met up around 5p for food, drinks and fun. It was great! There were about 12 of us that showed up, many of whom I hadn't seen in a while. Eventually, we made our way to the venue and found our seats for the show.

Katie Herzig opened. I love her! I have her set recorded on audio. She is amazing and I can't wait to see her again.

We got mixed messages about the photo policy for the show. I went and asked one of the security people and she said if there wasn't a flash and they couldn't see my viewfinder screen, then no one was probably going to bother me. So basically, she was giving me permission to take pictures. I did take a few but my shutter is so loud, I didn't want to take a lot and mess up the audio I was recording. I was also having issues getting the white balance right so a lot of my pictures were washed out. I'm still figuring out the new camera and its settings. These are a few of the pictures I took:

60 Years On (with Orchestra)
Fall Apart Again (with Orchestra)
Have You Ever
Follow (with Orchestra)
What Can I Say
Before It Breaks
Oh Dear
Turpentine (with Orchestra)
The Story (with Orchestra)
Pride & Joy (with Orchestra)

Jackson/Folsom Prison Blues
Hallelujah (with Orchestra)

All in all, it was a great show spent with great friends and I am really glad I was able to see another of the symphony shows. They really are fun to listen to because the music is played in a new and different way and the audience is so attentive. No drunk girls!