Camino Portuguese: Day 9

10/17/12 Pontevedra to Caldas de Reis

Morc made me a delightful breakfast of OJ, coffee, water, and bread with jam and butter.  She also sent me on my way with some fresh roasted chestnuts to snack on as I walked.  This woman is a saint in my book!  

I started back on the Camino with the intent to get to Caldas de Reis quickly because of the rain.  At my first stop, I found a great place for breakfast--and lost my lead.  Oh well.  I ran into my Spanish amigos from Avila and walked with them until Caldas de Reis.  At one point we abandoned the Camino because there was so much water on it.  It was like we were walking in a small creek instead of a path.  We ended up on the N-550 all the way into Caldas de Reis.  Not ideal to be road walking and by feet were not happy.  My Spanish friends were continuing on, so we said goodbye and exchanged emails.  I was the second pilgrim to check in and finally met my first American, Al from Cleveland, OH.  We went out for lunch of pimientos de Padron and a pork skewer plus a beer for me.  It was delicious.  After lunch, we both went to a china shop to get an umbrella for the rain.  After two days of getting soaked, I had had enough.  We both figured umbrellas would make the final two days of walking a little bit nicer...or at the very least a little bit drier.

After lunch I was feeling really chilled and started shaking a bit.  I got into my sleeping bag to warm up.  Al and I had planned to go to Mass but he said I looked too comfy and maybe I should just stay in my bag. I agreed with him.

At one point I started talking with a German guy who was walking the Camino Portuguese backwards and was trying to get to Morocco!  I gave him the info I had on the coastal route, since he was interested.  He was so excited he gave me a hug!

Al and I closed the evening with hot chocolate, which hit the spot.  I slept very well that night.