Funding My Travels: February 2014 Update

Apologies for the lateness of my February 2014 update.  I had a crazy busy month with work, housesitting and a trip to Montana (I'm sitting in a coffee shop in Big Sky, MT writing this blog post), so I am a wee bit behind in some posts I'll be sharing soon.

This month's update is another easy one. 

Long Term Travel Account Activity

Previous Long Term Travel Account Balance (January 2014):  $1,671.18

Current Long Term Travel Account Balance (February 2014):  $2,146.95

Total Deposit Towards Goal: $475.77 (A little under goal, but I was way over last month, so we are on track)

Short Term Travel Account Activity

My short term travel account is going to take a huge hit in the next month as I use my tax return to purchase my flight for the October Nepal trip.  I've used a small amount for my trip to Montana too.  More details on that in March's financial report.  This month, I received my Federal and State tax returns so I had a huge deposit.   For some reason my starting account balance is off a few dollars.  I need to go and figure that one out.  Either way, I have enough money to buy my Nepal plane ticket in the next week or so.

Previous Short Term Travel Account Balance (January 2014): $516.61

Current Short Term Travel Account Balance (February 2014): $1552.67

Total Deposit: $1015.04 (US & State Tax Returns plus dividend)

Overall, I am really proud of where I am at with my savings.  I have housesitting money I'll be receiving on my return from Montana which will go towards my short term travel.  I started my new side job teaching social media literacy this past month and any money I make from there will be going into my long term travel account.  I'd really like to teach some CPR classes in the next couple of months.  If you know anyone in Portland needing AHA BLS or lower, I am your woman!  Send them to me.  Thanks for checking this out.

Are you saving for a goal? What are you saving for?  What kinds of tips do you have to share about your saving strategy?