A Taste of Maui: Tasaka Guri Guri

Before I left for Maui, I had dinner with a friend who is from Hawaii to get some "local" tips of things to do.  One of the top things he listed was to pay a visit to Tasaka Guri Guri.  It's one of those places I am hesitant to talk about (kind of like Dave from whatsdavedoing) because it's one of those places the locals seem to know about and maybe it would be a good idea if not everyone knew about it.  But I can't help myself from sharing.
Look for this sign in the Maui Mall.
This is the two-scoop cup.
Guri guri is a frozen treat best described as "a little heaven in a dixie cup".  There are two flavors, strawberry and pineapple.  It is served in a dixie cup which is sized based on how many scoops you get.  Scoops are $0.60 each, and we usually had two scoops when we stopped in.  Yes, you heard that right.  I think we went there at least three times.  I tried to come up with excuses to go through Kahului so we could stop.  On a warm day, it's the perfect treat to satiate a sweet tooth and nosh on something cool.

How to find it: Head to the Maui Mall (70 E Kaahumanu Ave) and park near Long's Drugstore and Whole Foods.  If you are in the parking lot and see the Whole Foods on the left and the Long's Drugstore on the right, go straight, then take a right and you will see Tasaka Guri Guri at the end on the right, next to the pet store.