Hostel Review: Las Musas Residence, Madrid, Spain

At first glance, Las Musas Residence looks like an IKEA store exploded inside it.  After staying there for four nights, this is a valid assessment.  Much of the decor is from IKEA, which gives the hostel a clean and organized feel.  I like clean and organized!

I booked a four-bed ensuite room for myself and three friends.  We had a few requirements.  No bunk beds in our room.  Check.  Close to major sites.  Check.  Clean and safe.  Check.  Free wifi and internet.  Double check!  It also helped that the hostel was reasonably priced for Madrid.

There are so many good things to say about this hostel.  The staff is super friendly.  They helped a friend of ours find a bed at another hostel close by.  They answered questions I am sure they get asked a hundred times a day with a smile on their face.  

The free breakfast in the morning was nice.  Plenty of coffee, cola cao, toast, and cereal.  The breakfast runs from 8a-10a, so if you get there early, there is peace and quiet...a little bit later and that's when the party crowd starts waking up.  There is a fully stocked kitchen with grocery stores nearby, so if you are on a budget and want to cook, you can.

A pub crawl is offered every night for the party crowd.  During the day, they offer a free walking tour of Madrid I found to be wonderfully informative.  Harriett, our tour guide, was entertaining, educational and put up with some funny situations that occurred throughout the three hour tour.  Once a week, they also offer an opportunity to see private flamenco dancing.  I will be writing about the walking tour and the flamenco later, but know that these are activities offered through the hostel I found to be useful and fun.

 Here's a view of our room the day we left.

Our bathroom.

The only real problem I could foresee is getting to the hostel from the bus station at Avenida Americas is a bit of a chore.  We cheated and took a taxi from the bus station, which cost about 12 Euros split four ways.   I'm not really sure how you would get there by public transportation.  The hostel is very easy to get to/from from the airport because there is a metro stop two blocks aways.  Aside from that, we really had no problems and that was just an inconvenience.

The next time I am in Madrid, I plan to stay at Las Musas Residence.  If you are going there, I suggest you check it out too!