I think we all slept in until about 8:30a.  I slept well, except I had this weird moment where I woke up in the middle of the night and had no idea where I was.  That was kind of fun.  I blame it on the malaria pills!  I started taking Larium the other day for when I get to India in less than two weeks.  So far I haven’t had any adverse reactions to it, but last night was definitely one of those moments that makes you wonder if it’s the Larium or just the traveling.

We had breakfast and then Rachel and I went to take the dog for a walk.  We went down the hill a bit and walked along this really nice trail.  I even found a rock for my geologist friend Erinne.  It has slate and some kind of sediment in it, according to Rachel and Baruch.  It was super hot out, but I like the heat here.  It’s a dry heat, so even when I sweat, it’s gone in a matter of minutes.  There is also a nice breeze lately, too, which is kind of nice.

After the walk, we ate some lunch.  Then I settled in to read the paper I bought yesterday and get caught up on some of the global news.  Since I am not technically required to abide by the “rules” of  Shabbat, I was allowed to use the internet.  The funny thing is I had trouble getting it to work, even resetting the router twice.  I finally got it to work, but not until much later in the day.  In the meantime I was able to show Rachel, Baruch and Nathan some of my Camino pictures.  They were the first ones to see them.  I didn’t show them all of them but we got through a few of them for sure!

Just before sunset, we all went for another walk.  We walked over to a park where there were a lot of people hanging out.  Linda was able to meet some new dogs and play with them.

After our walk, we had dinner and completed Shabbat.  I had a lovely time and really enjoyed having some “chill out” time.  I really wish Americans would go back to celebrating the Sabbath in that way.  Everyone needs a day of rest, religious or not.