Last Day in Rome!


Today, there wasn’t really much I wanted to do except go to St. Mary Major, the last of the four Major churches of Rome that I had hoped to see on this trip.  I got there in the late morning and found it pretty easily.  It was a very large church, but most of the interesting chapels and whatnot were closed.  It was a nice church, but I think out of the four Major Churches of Rome, I will always love St. Paul’s because of the experience I had there.

I think I mentioned earlier that I’m doing a series of photos of the beggars in Rome (and possibly other places).  There was an old gypsy woman in front of St. Mary Major who was getting visibly upset at these two younger gypsy beggars who were apparently invading her “territory”.  They had a very animated discussion and then the woman went back to her post in the middle entrance to the church, while the two other gypsies went to the left entrance.  I stood around, pretending I was taking pictures of the church and then when they got a little too distracted with their begging, I would snap pictures.  I think they are going to look really good when I print them.

I still needed to mail some postcards and decided to do it from Vatican City.  I  bought some stamps at the post office there and got all my postcards together.  I mailed them from the Vatican because they are supposed to be more efficient than the Italian postal service.  We will see.

I went back to the hostel to start packing and making some last minute preparations for leaving.  While in my room, I met one of my roommates and she started chatting with me in Spanish.  I explained to her that I was going to be getting up early in the morning to go to the airport to catch my flight.  She was doing the same so we agreed to go to the airport together.  It’s always more fun to get lost with someone, I always say!