Day #28: Acebo to Ponferrada, 16.5km


The grueling downhill continued today from Acebo to Molinaseca, with a slight climb into Ponferrada.  Oh, and it was snowing, again, when I left Acebo this morning.  Acebo is at about 1200m and as I descended into Molinaseca, the snow turned to rain.

I stopped in Molinaseca for breakfast #2, a cafe con leche and tortilla de patata.  The place charged me 4,50€, which is a little steep compared to what I have been paying for the same thing elsewhere.  Either way, it was a nice break before heading into Ponferrada.

I had decided to take the alternate route into Ponferrada because it would put me closer to the Albergue and was supposed to be shorter.  Once again, the Brierly guidebook let me down.  I ended up being off course by at least 2km, thus eliminating the saving of time/mileage I had been hoping for.  A man on the street gave me directions when I was trying to cross the street to take a picture of a Correo scooter.

I found the Albergue without difficulty and arrived at 12:30p, about 30 minutes before they opened.  I checked in and was given a room with 3 older ladies, one from Ireland and two from Germany.  My legs and my right knee are currently not that happy.

The Albergue has a laundry area out back behind the church, and more showers and toilets.  You can use them while you are waiting for the Albergue to open-   I decided to go out there after I had gotten settled in because all the showers in the Albergue were being used.  It was pure heaven!  Hot water, clean, and not a soul in the building.

Since my knee had started acting up, I went to the pharmacy to get a neoprene knee immobilizer.  I found what I needed, paid 25€ and went to the grocery store too.  I did my usual routine of going down every aisle to see what kind of things they had and guess what I found?  Peanut Butter!!!!  Only 3€ for a 340g jar.  It was creamy, they didn't have chunky, but beggars can't be choosers so I bought it.  I went back to the Albergue and made myself a PB&J sandwhich and it tasted so good! 

After dinner, I spent some time journaling and doing internet stuff.  I'm trying to figure out if a short trip to the UK is doable or not.  I finally went to bed, exhausted from my day.