A Quick Update

Okay, I have been busting my hump for the past three days and finally I get a bit of rest in Pamplona. I have decided to ship my netbook ahead to Santiago de Compostela and will be getting by with the internet stations at the pilgrim hostels. They are about 3 Euro an hour, which isn´t too bad.

So far, I am nursing a blister on my right little toe and my hips and shoulders are sore from the walking. Getting rid of some of the weight in my pack should help.

I am having a blast! Words cannot describe the experience I am having. It is painful and I want to stop hundreds of times a day, but I keep going, inspired by fellow pilgrims along the way.

Today, I arrived in Pamplona. Depending on if I can get some things shipped to Santiago this afternoon, I will be able to make better time in the coming days.

That´s all I have right now. More to come later, I promise!