Day #6: Estella to Los Arcos, 21.1km


Today my feet were actually feeling better and I was in much better spirits.

Just outside of Estella is the famous "fuente de Vino".  The Bodegas Irache provide a free wine fountain for peregrinos! It was so-so wine, but it's the thought that counts!

I made really good time to Villamayor de Monjardín, where the Albergue invited peregrinos in for cafe and cookies.  Earlier in the morning, just outside of Estella, I had realized my Adidas jacket had fallen off my backpack because I had forgotten to secure it properly.  I was kind of upset, but not so upset that I wanted to walk all the way back down the hill to look for it.  :)  But, the Camino provides.  There was a free box a the Albergue I stopped at for coffee and there was a fleece in there that was going to work just fine.  It would come in handy later.....

There had been clouds looming all day.  Finally, it started raining.  It rained the final 10km or so.  There were parts of the trail that turned into a mud made of clay that stuck to your shoes.  Everytime I took a step it was like a pound of red clay mud was stuck to my shoes.  I am so glad I had my trekking poles with me to keep me steady on the slopes.  There was no place to stop or rest, so I just motored through it until I arrived in Los Arcos around 3p.  I checked into the Albergue, took a shower, washed my clothes, and wandered around the city for a bit.

I had dinner with Kimberley, Viviana, Tali, Justin and a French or Belgian man (I can't remember).  We had wine with "gas" water, which is essentially a wine spritzer.  These things are dangerous and should carry a warning label!  It's like drinking punch and I was definitely feeling it later.  I had fried fish with a mixed salad.  The first course was roasted veggies (potatoes, zucchini, yellow squash, eggplant) and dessert was a limón mousse that tasted like Key Lime Pie.  The restaurant was in the basement and reminded me of a wine cellar.  It was really neat.