Day #3: Larrasoaña to Pamplona, 15.8km


Today I split from "The Canadians" because I wanted to stop in Pamplona. My plan was to ship stuff to Santiago and see some of the sights. I accomplished one of those things....more on that later! I also wanted to walk at a slower pace.

I did pretty good today, considering my feet are killing me! I enjoyed the path going through the "burbs" of Pamplona....Arre, Villava, Burlada.

I was almost run over by a car just as I was preparing to enter Pamplona proper. I've noticed that the drivers here are CRAZY!!! I was crossing the street and noticed the car was far enough away to safely cross....or so I thought. What did the guy do? HE SPED UP!! Who does that? Oh yeah, the Spaniards do.

I started walking up to the entrance gate to take a picture and I see Ninka, Joani (hope I am spelling this right!) and their German friend, walking up the hill. We all said hello and they walked with me into the city. I went to the hostel to get settled in. I met Tali and Justin from New Zealand, saw Ben & Suzie from Australia and the three women from South Africa. We were all staying in the same area of the Albergue.

I took a shower then began to go through my pack to see what I could ship forward to Santiago. I put everything in my daypack, went all the way to the Correo before I realized I didn't have the address, so I had to go all the way back to the Albergue. As I was leaving the Albergue, I was thinking to myself how I wish I had a Spanish phrase book or a dictionary so I could communicate better. I was glancing at the free book shelf and guess what? There was a small Spanish/English dictionary there! Once again, the CAMINO provides!

By the time I finally got my package sent, it was close to the time we had agreed to meet for dinner, so I set off to find the "cafeteria" with the menu del peregrino. I had dinner with Ninka, Joani, and the German fellow whose name escapes me. I had white asparagus w/mayo and a little ensalata on the side, followed by chicken with french fries. Dessert was this little pastry with hot chocolate (more like a warm pudding) on top. Wine, bread, water, followed by a cafe con leche and a digestivo at the end. It was quite delicious.

I went back to the hostel, stopped at a mercado to pick up food for tomorrow. All in all, a good day.