Strange Brew: Day 2-July 10, 2007

Victoria, BC

Today we got a little bit of a late start. Yesterday's full day of riding was exhausting so we slept in a bit and kinda hung out around the B&B for a while. I headed over to Ian's shop to work on my scooter. When I fell last night, my electrical short in the headset I "thought" I had fixed came back and my tail-light and turn signals stopped working again. Shayne & MJ headed to the waterfront while I worked on trying to troubleshoot the electrical problem. Ian was a huge help and we still didn't quite figure out what was wrong, although we did get the tail-light working again.

I met up with the girls around 1 p.m. and we went back down to the waterfront for a bit. I had a coconut bubble tea, which really hit the spot with the hot weather in Victoria. After a while, MJ headed back to the B&B to do some research for her McNair Scholars program. Shayne and I wandered around Chinatown and found Fan Tan Alley. We also met a barista from this cool coffee shop called "Habit". He offered to give us directions because we were looking at this map on the street trying to remember where I parked my scooter. After we talked with him for a while, he gave us his card and said we should check out the coffee place, so we decided to go there and check it out. He told us they used Stumptown as a model for how they do business. I thought that was pretty cool.

We walked into "Habit" and it felt like we were in the downtown Stumptown Coffee shop! It was crazy! They had the magazine rack to the left and the coffee bar to the right. We made a comment about it to the guys at the bar and they said, "We were inspired by Stumptown". Yeah, whatever....I could care less. It felt like we were home and that was a nice feeling. Their coffee is roasted over in Vancouver at a small batch roasting place.

Shayne and I took the scenic beach route back to the B&B and it was awesome! We met back with MJ and waited to hear from Richard, one of the Victoria scooter boys. He called and met us at the B&B and took us on this kick-ass ride around a lake. We ended in Chinatown and had dinner at a little Chinese restaurant there. The food was good, but the service was AWFUL!! The waitress kept reminding us to pay her after we ordered because she had some people dine & dash earlier in the day and then when they were closed, they didn't tell us until we asked for more water. It was crazy! We went to a place called "Canoes" down on the waterfront for dessert and coffee. It was so nice being down by the water and just hanging out. All in all, a great day!