Day Three: Hailey, ID to Dubois, WY

**I am a little behind on blogging due to spotty cellular service. Thank you Verizon Digital!!**

Day Three was by far my favorite day. We rode over two mountain passes, one was about 8400 ft. and the other was 0ver 9000 ft. The 8400 ft. pass was Teton Pass and it had a 10% grade up and down! It was insane! The over 9000 ft. pass was actually the Continental Divide. It was really cool, too. Only about a 6% grade, so not too bad. The scenery through the Grand Tetons was specatacular. The best part of the day was that I made it into Dubois, WY around 3:30 p.m. which gave me time to change out my rear tire, change my gear oil and change my spark plug. The road construction at Craters of the Moon in Idaho and outside of Dubois ate up my rear tire! Bill Murar mentioned to me that I might want to change it and I am glad I did! It had felt kinda fishy on the last 100 or so miles and after looking at it, now I know why. Everyone is keeping an eye out for each other, for the most part, which is kind of nice. I had a nice dinner with some of the guys and just chilled out for the evening. Ashrat accidentally went to Utah! Sara got her hub fixed and got in around 10 p.m. She thinks someone unscrewed her nuts on her rear wheel in Pacific City, which caused her rear wheel to almost come off in motion. It ruined her hub, so she had to get one shipped out to Hailey. That's all for day three.