Day Ten: Orange, NJ to Coney Island, NY

Even though the actual competition is over, those of us who were left made it an official coast to coast ride today by going to Coney Island and seeing the ocean. It was also necessary to have a Nathan's Hot Dog to commemoratee the event.

We were led from Scooters O in Orange, NJ to Battery Park in NYC. From there we were led around Brooklyn, to Brooklynbretta (thanks for the ice-cold water!) and on to Coney Island. It was an amazing experience to ride around NJ and NYC on scooter. They have potholes large enough to swallow small children, not to mention scooters! Oh, and the drivers are crazy too! I thought Rome, Italy had crazy, scary drivers. Those drivers are tame compared to the way they drive in NYC. It's a real art form to be able to ride a scooter and live to tell about it in NYC. And to think there are people who do it here every day!

I had a Nathan's hot dog and it was the bomb! I wanted to have more than one, but I used some restraint and made sure to help Rob Volz finish off his fries, which were equally as tasty as the hot dog. I went down to the beach and saw the Atlantic Ocean. It was trying to rain so we decided to head back to Scooters O.

Once back at Scooters O, I got all of my stuff labeled and packed up that was going to be shipped with my bike. Scottish Mike gave me a ride into Brooklyn to Kristed's apartment where I will be staying for the next few days while I explore New York City. It was a great day and I am so excited that I hafve ridden my scooter in NYC and lived to tell about it!