Day Six: Ames, IA to Merrillville, IN

Today was kind of exciting. Ashrat had a bit of spill on her scooter. I didn't know about it until Noe and I came upon three police cars on the side of the road with Ashrat's scooter in the middle. We stopped and went back to see that all was well. The police officer told me that Ashrat was okay and that she was refusing treatment (surprise!) and the medics were bringing her back. We waited until she got back. Noe and I both had to sign a piece of paper stating we were accepting responsibility for her just in case something happened after she left. In the medical profession, we call that CYA(cover your ass). I thought it was a little overboard considering she had signed an AMA(against medical advice) form already. She got all set and took off, finishing well ahead of us!

The traffic just south of Chicago in Joliet, IL sucked!!! It took us over 2 hours to get through it. I splurged a little bit and had Red Lobster for dinner. It was pretty good.

Went to bed at a decent hour and fell sound asleep!