Minor Setback....All Is Well!

Okay, so about two weeks ago, I had a minor setback. I was participating in the First Annual Oregon Burn Foundation Poker Run two weeks ago. All was going well with my scooter. Then, on Interstate 84, it soft-seized at 60 mph! Not a lot of fun! I had to load it up into the sag vehicle and took it into P-Town Scooters. A week later, my scooter was back on the road with a new piston. Apparently, the 2% mixture was not enough lubrication for the piston and I ruined it. So, Patrick & Steve at P-Town Scooters took one of their own pistons that they were going to put in one of their racing scooters, and put it in mine so I could get my scooter back out on the road and broken in! To Patrick & Steve, a big THANK YOU!! You guys went above and beyond the call of duty to make my scooter road-worthy again. They are my newest sponsors for caring enough to make this trip happen.

I am now running a 3% oil mixture until I get the piston broken in. I have been babying the scooter. So far, about 200 miles of breaking in is done and still have about 400 miles to go.

The sponsorship deal I thought I had fell through. Would have been a cool deal. I was going to write an article for Portland Monthly Magazine, but one of their freelancers scooped my story.

I sent press releases out last week and have heard from one television station, so at the very least, we'll get some press that way.

Still looking for sponsors. If you want to help, you can send me a donation through Paypal at renegade_pilgrim@hotmail.com.

Right now, I am seeking three specific donations:

$30 pays for gas for a day
$30 pays for food/drink for a day
$50 pays for either a hotel room for the night or two nights at a campground

Every little bit helps! If you think my trip is something you want to support, I would really appreciate it!