I thought it might be helpful to post resources about the Camino de Santiago in one place.  Please let me know if you have any not listed here.

My Resources

Camino Books/Gear/Music: This is my Amazon Store featuring all things Camino.  Your purchase through this link helps support this website and my adventures.  I highly recommend the guidebook "Hiking The Camino".

Camino Stickers: Buy yourself a 800km sticker to commemorate your Camino.

Camino de Santiago Press: Great resource of current Camino blogs

Camino Coaching: This is a service I provide to pilgrims interested in a more personalized planning experience.  I'm happy to provide tips and help pilgrims regardless of whether you choose my Camino Coaching program.  On the Camino there are albergues which operate on a "donativo" or donation from pilgrims.  Without the donativo, these albergues would cease to exist.  Many of these albergues are considered to be jewels of the Camino because of the atmosphere they provide.  If you've found my assistance useful, consider making a donation for my time and knowledge.  You can find the donate button on my homepage here.

Camino Packing List: This is my 3 season Camino packing list.  I update this regularly.  It has affiliate links in it, so again, if you purchase things, you're supporting my adventures and the cost of maintaining this website.

Other Resources

Confraternity of St. James: Hands down one of the best resources on the Camino.  They update their guidebooks regularly based on feedback from pilgrims.  Their website is a little clunky, though.

American Pilgrims on the Camino: Lots of information here.  Local chapters are popping up all around the US.  I wouldn't waste my money becoming a member though.  The $50 fee is really high and the benefits aren't that great.

Canadian Company of Pilgrims:  They recently revamped their website and have lots of info you won't see other places.  I strongly encourage you to attend their hospitalero training if you live in the northern part of the US near Victoria or Toronto.  The price is right and the trainers are amazing.

The Camino Forum: This is one of many online forums and quite frankly it is SLOW.  You can pay to become a "member" but I really don't think that will speed things up for you.  I have trouble just accessing it, much less getting logged in.  I think the sheer volume of people participating and the lack of server space combined with the incessant advertising is a big negative.  Either way, it's a huge treasure trove of Camino information, but it's international and with that comes a lot of passion.  Consider yourself warned.

The "Other Camino Forum":  This one has less traffic but just as good information and the moderators are super helpful.

Camino de Santiago Planning: This is a Facebook page I manage for all questions related to planning.  Expect to get good advice from an international group of pilgrims, past, present and future.

Camino Norte Guide:  I haven't been able to find a ton of information out there about the Camino Norte.  This is a simple PDF file you can put on your phone, tablet, or even print it out.  It has all the information you will need to find your way.  And it's FREE!